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About us

LoveThePrint was established in 2012. Owned and managed by Svetlana Coffill - designer, and Carlos Alvarez - co-owner and managing director.  We specialize in rare and most beautiful botanical and natural history prints for your home decor, which were painted by famous naturalists and botanists dating back to the 13th to 19th century.

Antique, rare, and precious images are carefully restored by hand and unified by the same background so you can choose ready to go sets of prints, or mix and match single prints to create your own collection.  Restoration of prints is our specialty since the majority of those beautiful  antique works of art make it to present time in faded and damaged conditions. We restore the color, brightness, and details while preserving the originality and character. Many prints contain species or plant names - we preserve them as well in their original state as it was written by the artist.

The prints are printed on artistic cardstock, come in wide ranges of sizes, and are easy to frame. The prints come with white border which allows to mount them into the frames with mats. In case if mats are not used, white border can be easity trimmed to fit into standard frames.